Compassionate Care

Permanent Foster Boxers

Due to your generous support, FBR has never had to close our door to Boxers who need extra medical attention before they can be adopted into their forever homes.  Unfortunately, there are some whose medical conditions make them unadoptable, and they will remain in FBR Foster Homes on a permanent basis.  These special needs Boxers tend to have higher veterinary costs, but FBR continues to provide the medical care and medications needed for the rest of their lives.

The Foster Homes provide all the love, attention and daily care a senior or ailing Boxer needs.  Some are considered hospice care dogs, and others may live comfortably for several years.  We often need homes for these special Boxers and if you can offer your home to provide temporary comfort to a Boxer in Compassionate Care, please contact us for more information.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation for one (or more) of our Boxers in Compassionate Care to help ensure that these Boxers will live in comfort and dignity for the rest of their lives, enjoying a home, lots of love and a peaceful parting.  To make a donation please use the donate button to the right.  During checkout you can specify that your donation is for Compassionate Care.

Our heartfelt THANK YOU for your generosity as we would not be able to care for these deserving Boxers without your support!