Boxer Nutrition

murph-100-3(200)By now you’ve surely heard about “by-products” in pet foods. You know that pet food is not regulated the same way human grade food is, and things like eyeballs, intestines, feet, beaks, feathers, euthanized cattle, pigs, cats and dogs, etc…are allowed to be in pet foods ( that also includes their collars, metal ID tags and any medications the animal had in his or her system at time of death).   These types of pet foods contribute to poor health conditions like obesity, dental problems and skin and coat issues, just to name a few.

When you feed your dog premium pet food, holistic foods, or home cooking, your pet’s overall health will improve, including food allergies and skin conditions–some experts believe the risk of certain cancers can even decrease with premium food and vitamin supplements.

For up to date information on national brand pet foods, pet food recalls, and alternative pet foods, please check the following website which is updated frequently:

For detailed information regarding dangerous people food and other toxic household and garden substances, please consult the ASPCA’s page by clicking this link:

Your dog is your friend. He is a loyal companion who loves you no matter what. He is domesticated, so he relies on you for nourishment. Do your very best to ensure that he is fed healthy and balanced meals each day.