Available Dogs

If you are interested in adding a new member to your family, and have decided to rescue a boxer, please take a minute to understand what rescue is. Rescue is taking in a dog in need, no matter what age, sex, color, cuteness, etc. FBR does that.

What that means is that if most of the adoption applications we get are for males, under two years old, flashy fawn, and good with kids, dogs, cats, etc., then what do we do with all our three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen year olds? And what do we do with all the white and brindle dogs? Or the males and females that don’t meet your wish list? Granted we try to do our best to match the “good with kids, dogs, cats, etc. ” for safety’s sake. But many dogs, if given the right training and time, can fit into many complicated households.

And consider the following -what would happen to your own dogs, if for some reason you needed rescue to take your dog, or worse, your dog became a stray and ended up in rescue. Would people overlook your dog because of their age or color? Or maybe you have not successfully trained your current dog to be “good with kids, dogs, cats, etc.”, limiting their appeal to someone looking to adopt a dog. What would become of them?

So we ask you to take a second look at all the dogs on this page. Maybe they are a bit older then you may think you want, or the wrong color, or have a bad picture that doesn’t show their true beauty, but they are all beautiful. Consider what RESCUE really is, and please take a second look at the dogs outside of your original criteria.

To learn more about a dog, please click on his or her picture. Filling out an APPLICATION is the fastest way to meet and learn more about a dog that interests you. This page is updated daily as information becomes available.